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Rent to own furniture can probably be just the thing for you if you eventually see your income increasing in the near future. It can also be a good idea for those of us who want to live a certain lifestyle, but cannot afford to make all the purchases at once. The benefits of the lease-to-own business model flow to both the buyer as well as the seller of the goods. Whenever entering into such an agreement, it’s important that all the terms and conditions of the contract are understood by both parties.

To avoid any problems, even the smallest detail needs to be spelled out. Although it may be commonplace in the industry that buyers are not responsible for maintenance or repairs, make sure these questions are asked, and answered, before signing any agreement. Some of the more common benefits, and problems, with rent-to-own arrangements are listed below:

Advantages of lease to own / rent to own

  • Repairs: if the rented property is in need of repair, then service is typically included at no charge.
  • Down Payment: most agreements do not require a down payment, so the buyer has access to the property without making a large up-front payment.
  • Ownership Trial: the RTO business model allows the renter to take temporary ownership of the property with the option of backing out of the transaction if they’re dissatisfied.
  • Poor Credit: as long as the renter keeps making his or her monthly payments, they’re allowed to keep the property. Credit report checks are usually not required as part of the qualification process.
  • Fixed Payments: if the cost of the property (or the value of the home) increases, the renter is protected from increases to their monthly payments.
    Price Protection: contracts will state the purchase price of the goods, thereby allowing the renter to lock-in the price paid for the property.
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